Co-Hauxing Project Update

On May 18, in just 48 hours, we closed the financing of our last Co-Hauxing tokenized property. How is the development of your investment coming? We tell you

An investment where you are part

More than 50 investors believed in us, managing to reach the goal of €29,979 needed to carry out the project. In just over two days, we closed the financing of the tokenized property.

Located in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood, at the gates of the historic center of the city of Valencia, halfway between the Central Market and the School of Superior Silk Art, we rent this former 189 m2 office to convert it into a co-living.

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The Haux Design team, in charge of the reform, is in the process of designing a new fully equipped kitchen, a restructuring of the bathroom, added the construction of two more, the reform of its seven rooms, and common spaces with all the necessary accessories for a pleasant stay.

More than three weeks after the start of the work, we want to show you how the development and remodeling is coming thanks to your investment and participation:

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